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The DK Photonics pump combiner has accepted global orders normally.

DK Photonics has announced that, the pump combiner used in the field of high power has been mass-produced, and supplies normally for a number of customers in the industry. With stable product performance and quality service, the company has obtained good reputation.


What is pump combiner?
Pump Combiner is designed for high power applications like fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers. It features exceptional optical characteristics. Devices can be used to combine the power from several multimode laser diodes, delivering the combined power for applications in industrial, military, medical and telecommunications markets. We boost more than 80 types various combiner configuration, such as 2x1~19x1, (2+1)x1, (6+1)x1,PM (2+1)x1, PM (6+1)x1 etc, fiber used from 100um, 200um, 400um MMF, and tens of LMA fiber, power handling higher than 100W per port.

Thanks the support of our customers for DK Photonics, we must continue to provide better service for you.

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