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Application For Fiber Laser

DK Photonics offers a large selection of passive optical components use for fiber laser.Such as 1064nm high power isolator,Cladding Power Stripper,Pump combiner,1064nm Bandpass Filter,980/1064nm WDM. These devices can handle powers rang from 300mW to 150W or other on request, and have center operating wavelengths ranging from 780nm to 1550nm.

If you do not see a standard optical components that meets your needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your desired specification and quote a custom optical components. Requests for custom fiber pigtails, different wavelengths and handling power of operation or other specific needs will be readily addressed.DK Photonics can respond to custom requirements with short lead times.
Mainly Passive Optical Components in Fiber Lasers System 
DK Photonics offers passive optical components for fiber laser:

1064nm High Power Isolator

High Power Fused Coupler

980/1064nm Fused WDM

Pump Laser Protector

NX1 Pump Combiner

980/1064nm Filter WDM

Cladding Power Stripper

(N+1)X1 Pump Combiner

1064nm Bandpass Filter

High Power Fiber Collimator -300W

Mode Field Adapter

1064nm Polarization Isensitive Optical Isolator

1064nm Fiber End Caps

1064nm High Power Collimated Free-space Beam Output Isolator-50W

PB Combiner/Splitter


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high power isolator