PM Coupler

Circulator & Isolator

Optical Circulator utilizes proprietary designs and metal bonding micro optics packaging. It’s a compact, high performance component, with high isolation, low insertion loss, low PDL, high stability and reliability. It is widely used in combination with fiber gratings and other reflective components in DWDM systems, wavelength add/drop, high speed systems, bi-direction communication systems, dispersion compensation, EDFA application and optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) measurements.

Optical Isolator utilizes faraday effect of Magneto optical crystal. It guides optical light in one direction and eliminates back reflection and back scattering in the reverse direction at any polarization sate. The unique manufacturing process and optical path epoxy-free design enhance the device's high power handling capability. The devices are characterized with high performance, high reliability and low cost. It has been widely used in EDFAs, Raman amplifiers, DWDM systems, Fiber lasers, transmitters and other fiber optic communication equipments to suppress back reflection and back scattering.

850nm Multimode Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator
3 Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator 4 Port Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator 1064nm Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator 850/980nm Polarization Insensitive Optical Circulator
850nm Isolator
 Polarization Isensitive Single Stage Isolator 850nm / 980nm Optical Isolator Mini size Isolator  Free Space Isolator