PM Coupler

Fused Products

DK Photonics' Fused fiber optic couplers(Fused Coupler) are designed for power splitting and tapping telecommunication equipment, CATV networks, and test equipment. This kind of small components are available individually or integrated into modules for fiber protection switching, MUX/DMUX, optical channel monitoring, and add/drop multiplexing applications. 

DK Photonics' Fused WDM is also based on Fused Biconical Taper (FBT) technology, it is used to combine and separate optical signals transmitted on different wavelengths. Compare to the filter type WDM(FWDM device), fused WDM offers low insertion lose and much lower price and it is widely used in optical transmission network and network status monitoring.

DK Photonics offers complete and flexible solutions for fused fiber optic coupler(FBT Coupler) and Fused WDM applications.Due to our standard small packages(3.0x54mm), it is ideal to be used in compact equipments or solutions.

1X2 Single Mode Single Window Coupler 1X2 Single Mode Dual Window Coupler 1X4 Monolithic Single Mode Coupler Fiber Optical Coupler
MultiMode Fiber Coupler 1310/1550 Fued WDM Fiber Optical Coupler 1X4 Singlemode Tree and Star Couplers