The Application of Fiber Optic Connector

fiber optic connectorFiber Optic Connector has been widely used in fiber optic transmission lines, fiber optic patch panels and fiber-optic test instruments and meters. The Fiber Connector is one of the most essential components for fiber optic communication. It mate or connect with optical devices, modules, and fibers. Fiber connector is also the key part used in fiber Patch cord and fiber Pigtail.

In fiber optics design, when the system is capable of normal operation, if you are trying to build the local network or LAN in your home then you most probably know you will need a fiber patch cable and may be a hub or we achieved a very good results. Choosing a good fiber optic modem depends on a few factors, including availability. We need to consider not only some unexpected problems appear in the system design, but also expect the system to achieve the effect of normal operation. During the process of system design, we have to consider the worst case appear and related plans, is looking forward to improved operating results. In system design, security, stability and system access request the end of the fiber is smooth, neat. The connection between the clients must be accurate, micron accuracy or millionths of a meter. The diameter of the commonly used multi-mode fiber is from 50 to 62.5 microns, while the diameter of the single-mode fiber is only 8-9 microns. This size of the diameter of a human hair can (17-180 microns) are compared in diameter, and we can make sure that every trace of error can bring catastrophic losses.

With the expansion of technology development and application of fiber optic patch cables are also achieving rapid development. The types of fiber optic connectors on the market are probably 12 or more, each of which was launched to the specific needs, of course, came to meet, there are some technical limitations. The trend in the market is developing at a moderate price, compact plug-mode and all can support the requirements of the new transmission distribution system. As users expect that the ongoing development of the telecommunications industry also supports the large-scale application of the optical fiber, in large part due to the rapid growth of demand in the way of communication and entertainment services on the fiber link.

The fiber optic connection is very stringent accuracy of the equipment, the species of fiber patch cords are many kinds. So the connector must be very clean. Fiber optic connectors and accessories are usually mounted on a series of house, a fingerprint or external dust seriously affect the performance of the connector, and even the loss of communication. Therefore, the connector can be stored in clean protective sleeve without connection. Then we should also put fiber optic connector.

Fiber optic connectors according to the different transmission media can be divided into common silicon-based optical fiber single-mode and multimode connectors, as well as other issues such as plastic and as the transmission medium of optical fiber connector; connector structure can be divided into: FC SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, the MT and so on in various forms. The optical interface is the physical interface used to connect fiber optic cable. FiberStore as the main professional fiber optic products manufacturer in china offer a various kinds of fiber optic connectors, FC Connectors, LC Connectors, SC Connectors, ST Connectors. You can buy fiber optic connection products on our store with your confidence. All of fiber optics supplies with high quality but low price.

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