What is OADM? How much do you know?

The OADM, or optical add drop multiplexer, is a aperture into and out of a distinct approach fiber. In practice, best signals canyon through the device, but some would be “dropped” by agreeable them from the line. Signals basic at that point can be “added” into the band and directed to addition destination. An OADM may be advised to be a specific blazon of optical cross-connect, broadly acclimated in amicableness analysis multiplexing systems for multiplexing and acquisition cilia optic signals. They selectively add and bead alone or sets of amicableness channels from a close amicableness analysis multiplexing (DWDM) multi-channel stream. OADMs are acclimated to bulk finer admission allotment of the bandwidth in the optical area actuality anesthetized through the in-line amplifiers with the minimum bulk of electronics.

OADM Module


OADMs accept acquiescent and alive modes depending on the wavelength. In acquiescent OADM, the add and bead wavelengths are anchored advanced while in activating mode, OADM can be set to any amicableness afterwards installation. Acquiescent OADM uses Filter WDM, cilia gratings, and collapsed waveguides in networks with WDM systems. Activating OADM can baddest any amicableness by accessories on appeal after alteration its concrete configuration. It is additionally beneath big-ticket and added adjustable than acquiescent OADM. Activating OADM is afar into two generations.

A archetypal OADM consists of three stages: an optical demultiplexer, an optical multiplexer, and amid them a adjustment of reconfiguring the paths amid the optical demultiplexer, the optical multiplexer and a set of ports for abacus and bottomward signals. The optical demultiplexer separates wavelengths in an ascribe cilia assimilate ports. The reconfiguration can be accomplished by a cantankerous affix console or by optical switches which absolute the wavelengths to the optical multiplexer or to bead ports. The optical multiplexer multiplexes the amicableness channels that are to abide on from demultipexer ports with those from the add ports, assimilate a distinct achievement fiber.

Physically, there are several means to apprehend an OADM. There are arrays of demultiplexer and multiplexer technologies including attenuate blur filters, cilia Bragg gratings with optical circulators, changeless amplitude annoying accessories and chip collapsed arrayed waveguide gratings. The switching or reconfiguration functions ambit from the chital cilia application console to a array of switching technologies including micro-electro automated systems (MEMS), aqueous clear and thermo-optic switches in collapsed waveguide circuits.

CWDM and DWDM OADM accommodate abstracts admission for average arrangement accessories forth a aggregate optical media arrangement path. Regardless of the arrangement topology, OADM admission credibility acquiesce architecture adaptability to acquaint to locations forth the cilia path. CWDM OADM provides the adeptness to add or bead a distinct amicableness or multi-wavelengths from a absolutely multiplexed optical signal. This permits average locations amid alien sites to admission the common, point-to-point cilia bulletin bond them. Wavelengths not dropped pass-through the OADM and accumulate on in the administration of the alien site. Additional called wavelengths can be added or alone by alternating OADMS as needed.

DK Photonics provides a wide selection of specialized OADMs for WDM system. Compact CWDM module and custom WDM solutions are also available for applications beyond the current product designs including mixed combinations of CWDM and DWDM.

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