DWDM multiplexer and CWDM mux

As the DWDM mux/demux & CWDM mux/demux goods are playing an even more and more important role inside the data transmission field, today organic beef focus on the key options that come with DWDM mux and CWDM multiplexer first.

100G_32ch DWDM Module

100G_32ch DWDM Module

16CH CWDM Mux Module

16CH CWDM Mux Module

As everybody knows, DWDM which represents Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing was created to multiplex DWDM channels into one or two fibers. This sort of products could make the optimum usage of your existing fiber optic infrastructure in an ideal way. It puts multiple signals together and sends them simultaneously along a fiber, simply with transmissions happening at different wavelengths, and also this turns an individual fiber to the virtual equal of a handful of fibers. It is really a good and also the most reasonable solution to date that will meet our increasing desires of large data transmissions. And also by using the impressive DWDM technique, it will transmit greater than 40 connections of numerous standards, data rates or protocols more than one common fiber optic link. For the DWDM products, the DWDM mux products combine several data signals into one for transporting on the single fiber as the DWDM demux (demulitplexers) separate the signals on the opposite end. Each signal reaches a different wavelength, they cooperate with each other perfectly.

The common configuration of DWDM mux is 4, 8, 16 and 32 channels. These DWDM modules passively multiplex the optical signal outputs from 4 or maybe more electronic devices, send on them an individual optical fiber and then de-multiplex the signals into separate, distinct signals for input into electronic devices in the opposite end with the fiber optic link.

The DWDM mux products always own these following features.

1.Low insertion loss and high isolation.

2.Simple to install, requires no configuration, and disassembles easily to clean.

3.Fully transparent at all data rates and protocols.

4.Completely passive, no power required, no cooling and so on.

And for the CWDM multiplexer, the core of CWDM Module application will be the passive mux/demux unit. The most popular configuration is 4 , 8 ,16 channels. Available in 19″ Rack Mount or LGX module package. Optional wide band port for existing 1310nm or 1550nm port is available to multiplex using these CWDM Channels. As well as our CWDM Transceiver series or perhaps the wavelength converter series, the bandwidth with the fiber can be employed in the economical way. The CWDM multiplexer is always be employed to improve your fiber capacity easily and quickly.

As the very best Chinese fiber optic products supplier, DK Photonics provides lots of this sort of products which are reliable and economical. If you may well not find it on our website (what we upload is the mux & demux inside a device), you can call us to customize it to suit your needs. For standalone multiplexers, it could increase dual fiber link capacity up to 18 channels and could be combined with a lot of the CWDM GBIC, SFP, XFP, X2, XINPAK, SFP modules. It’s also super easy to make use of and install, and also have some common features because the DWDM mux. Now it’s prepared to do the job, please do not hesitate to make contact with us. Thank you for visiting contact the DK Photonics representatives for more information if you need good quality and cost-effective DWDM mux and CWDM multiplexer products.

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