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DK Photonics Released Compact CWDM(Mini CWDM) Module
Shenzhen,China,September 10,2013 - DK Photonics recently released ompact CWDM(Mini CWDM) Module.
DK Photonics now can offers a Mini CWDM (compact CWDM) module that provides bandwidth capacity expansion for future network growth in one of the industry’s smallest packages.The compact CWDM modules are based on free space optics technology.It is available in 4-or 8-channel configurations.It have lower overall insertion loss and better uniformity across the channels.Its compact size and unique carrier tray set it apart, making it easier to deploy in a variety of field situations.
The Compact CWDM module comes with a carrier that allows for fast and easy snap-in mounting to splice tray or closure. Key benefits:
-Compact size: (L)53.8x(W)28x(H)8 mm.
-Free Space Optics design: Lower overall insertion loss and better uniformity across the channels.
-Simplified inventory management: The same component can be used in the head end or outside plant and as a Mux or Demux.
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DK Photonics has been a well-established specialized fiber optic component supplier for fiber optic telecommunication,fiber lasers and fiber sensor applications in those years. We have excellent engineering capability, a well-established manufacturing process, and a high-quality standard.DK Photonics' promotion products including:1064nm High Power Isolator,1064nm Components, PM Components, (2+1)X1 Pump Combiner,Pump Laser Protector,Mini-size CWDM,100GHz DWDM,Optical Circulator,PM Circulator,PM Isolator,Fused Coupler,Mini Size Fused WDM. 
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