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The worldwide use of fiber optic circulators is expected to reach $228.5 million in 2013

July 31, 2013 -- ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research & technology forecast consultancy addressing the fiber optics communications industry, today announced the release of a new market forecast of the global consumption of fiber optic circulators in optical communications.

During 2012-2017, the value is forecast to increase at an average annual growth rate of 8.4 percent. The consumption value is forecast to increase with rising quantity growth partially offset by declining average prices.

The fiber optic circulator market is presented by the following port-count configurations: 3 - Ports; 4 - Ports; and more than 4 - Ports (> 4 - Ports). According to ElectroniCast, the total consumption value of fiber optic circulators is expected to reach $228.5 million in 2013. 3-Port fiber optic circulators are expected to hold an estimated 80% market share in 2013. Well-over 70% of the 3-Port fiber optic circulator market value in 2013 is used in Telecommunication applications.

Telecommunications is set to maintain its dominant market share lead throughout the forecast period. Specialty applications (R&D laboratory, sensors, test equipment, oil/gas, other) are set to maintain the position of second-place, according to the ElectroniCast market forecast and analysis study.

The deployment of optical fiber in the metro/access, the continuing demand for upgrading networks to accommodate rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements, plus the need for additional monitoring and testing of the optical fiber networks will drive the steady consumption of fiber optic circulators.

As terrestrial national backbone and undersea systems approaching Tb/s capacities, advanced fiber-optic components, such as fiber optic circulators, are key in enabling DWDM systems with narrow channel spacing to achieve the large numbers of channels required. Fiber optic circulators are used with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA), fiber optic sensor applications, dense WDM (DWDM), optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM), optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR fiber optic test equipment), bi-directional transmission systems, dispersion compensators, and other devices.

According to ElectroniCast Consultants, 3-Port fiber optic circulators are expected to hold an 80% (value) market share in 2013…

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