What is Pump Laser Protector, Where is the Pump Laser Protector use?

The Pump Laser Protector (also called Pump Protection Filters) is a passive component which allows maximum transmission from a discrete fibre-coupled pump laser diode and blocks parasitic signals around the centre wavelength of the laser from being reflected back into the laser.

Pump Laser Protector

Multimode Pump Laser Protector -10~30W

Single-emitter laser diodes are highly regarded for their long term reliability. However, these devices are very sensitive to backward propagating light within the delivery fiber. Backward power imaged onto the diode material, as small as 5% of the pump diode output, can cause accelerated diode degradation and, in the majority of cases, catastrophic failure.That is why we need Pump Laser Protector.

DK Photonics offers filter technology that provides protection to pump diodes under these conditions (up to 50 dB Backward Signal Attenuation). Splicing these filters to the pump output fiber rejects unwanted light before it reaches the diode.

Multimode Pump Protection filters are available for a wide range of standard light emitting diodes. Fiber pigtails are 105/125 micron, with both 0.15 and 0.22 NA cores and 50/125 or 62.5/126 MM fiber available. Operating wavelengths cover the majority of diode laser lines (915 nm, 940 nm, 960 nm and 976) and maximum power handling is 25W without water-cooling.DK Photonics recently released a new type of Pump Laser Protector up to 200W handling power with water-cooling technology. And also have SingleMode Pump Laser Protector with Hi1060 fiber for 976nm fiber laser.

If you do not see a Pump Laser Protector from the standard configurations that meets your needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your desired specification and quote a filter best suited to your application. Different pump/rejection wavelengths or fiber pigtail can be accommodated.

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