Application of optical communication is still broad prospects

Once the Nortel global leader in fiber optic communications during the Internet bubble in 2000, the money in the acquisition of a large number of optical communications research and the production of small and medium enterprises, the industry has been criticized in the subsequent bankruptcy of Nortel. In fact, Nortel grasp of technology trends, the direction is right, unfortunately, Nortel too hasty, global demand for optical communication was not to such an extent.

But now the situation is very different compared with around 2000. The rapid development of mobile Internet and the widespread popularity of smart mobile terminal equipment, being a huge challenge to the global telecommunications network capacity, transmission speed. The era of “data flood peak to optical communication technology has always been known by the transmission bit of new development opportunities and a huge space. Optical communication technology not only did not fall behind, the contrary, the optical communication industry chain, from fiber optic cable system equipment, terminal equipment to optical devices, a critical period in the comprehensive technology upgrade.

The field of optical communication is a noteworthy event, the National Development and Reform Commission recently organizing the preparation of strategic emerging industries key products and services Guidance Catalogue, which in conjunction with the relevant departments, the optical communication technology and product responsibility and selected emerging industries of strategic focus products.

In fiber optics, including FTTx G.657 optical fiber, broadband long-distance high speed large capacity optical fiber transmission with G.656 optical fiber, photonic crystal fiber, rare earth doped fiber (including ytterbium doped fiber, erbium doped fiber and thulium doped fiber, etc.) the laser energy transmission fiber, and has some special properties of new optical fiber, plastic optical fiber, polymer optical fiber is fully finalists. The upgrade of the fiber optic technology, will bring the data transmission capacity, distance, quality leap.

In the field of fiber access equipment, passive optical network (PON), wavelength division multiplexer (WDM),OLT and ONU on the list. Optical transmission equipment, especially the line rate of 40 Gbit/s, 100Gbit/s large capacity (1.6Tb/s and abobe) DWDM equipment, reconfigurable optical bifurcation Multiplexer (ROADM) wavelength division multiplexing system ran cross-connect (OXC) equipment, large-capacity high-speed OTN optical transport network equipment as well as packetized enhanced OTN equipment, PTN packet transport network equipment also impressively. These products are “broadband China” works to promote a powerful weapon; both long-distance backbone network, metropolitan area network or access network even close to the user’s “last mile” of these products will come in handy.

The major products are classified as strategic emerging industries in the field of optical devices, high-speed optical components (active and passive). This is the core and foundation of the field of optical communication technology, device development, the improvement of integration, function enhancement can bring significantly reduce the cost of system equipment and provide a performance boost.

At the same time, the annual OFC / NFOEC (fiber-optic communications exhibition) will be held in late March in California. This event will showcase the latest technology and research progress of the global optical component modules, systems, networks and fiber optic products, represents a new trend of development of optical communication technology.

100G for ultra-high-speed network technology is the current OFC hot one. 2012 100G technology on a global scale backbone network level scale application of 100G optical network applications will rapidly expand with the 100G device further mature. In the same time, the industry has also increased efforts to develop the 100G optical modules, silicon photonics technology pluggable multi-source agreement 100G CFP MSA CPAK optical module has been available. Outside the backbone network, 100G MAN application is the current one of OFC discussion topic.

The rise of cloud computing brings data center construction boom, 100G technology in the data center is a popular data center for high-speed pluggable optical devices is also a hot topic. Experts believe that photonic technology has a key role to play in the large enterprise data centers, but this is only a start, the size of the new cloud computing data center such as a warehouse, with more than 100,000 servers carrying the computing and storage resources, the required network bandwidth than PB level. These data centers only optical communications technology in order to achieve VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting lasers) and multi-mode fiber has played an important role, and will continue to introduce new fiber optic communication technology.

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