How High Quality PM Filter WDM Helps in Better Optical Fiber Communication?

The PM Filter WDM is maintaining signal polarization while providing wavelength division multiplexing. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is similar to Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM), but WDM is done in the IR portion of the electromagnetic spectrum instead of Radio Frequencies (RF). There are two IR channels per fiber in the WDM system and the use of WDM can multiply the bandwidth of a fiber optic communication system. PM Filter WDM series is ideal for high speed WDM network systems. It is based on environmentally stable thin film technology.

PM Filter WDM

PM Filter WDM

The product has features like low insertion loss and high extinction ratio. It also has excellent stability and reliability. They are ideal for maintaining polarization maintaining fiber lasers, amplifiers, and high-speed communication systems. Also, as the names suggest it is used over WDM network system and sensors.

Features of PM Filter WDM

Many different wavelengths can be sent along the fiber simultaneously, making it a powerful medium of an optical communication link. WDM is the technology of combining a number of wavelengths onto the same fiber.

Listed below are some of the powerful features –

Capability Upgrade – It dramatically increases the capacity of a fiber network.

Transparency – Each optical channel can carry any transmission format.

Wavelength Switching – The architecture of wavelength switching allows the re-configuration of the optical fiber.

Wavelength Routing – It is possible to design communication networks and switches with the use of the wavelengths.

Is there any need of Wavelength Division Multiplexing?

Yes, for better communication it will be really helpful. This technology is multiplexing optical signals onto a single fiber. It enables bi-directional communications over fiber connections by using different wavelengths of laser lights. The capacity of the network can be increased significantly without laying more optical fiber. So, it is famous among telecommunication companies but is totally different from frequency division multiplexing.

PM Filter WDM is used for EDFA applications complying with RoHS and Telcordia GR-1221-CORE. During the development or manufacturing phase adhere to the ITU standards. It is mainly used for drop functions or for the addition of single channel. Advanced packaging technology is used along with sensor systems.

There are companies who specialize in the development of PM Filter WDM. Are you staying in the USA? One can get the best manufacturers here delivering high quality optical components like PM components and isolator. The products can be found online and also clients can customize the specifications according to the requirement. The product is available in a different wavelength range which includes – Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM 1310/1550 & 1480/1550nm, Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM T1550/R980nm, Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM 980/1060nm, and Polarization Maintaining Filter WDM 1310T1550/R980nm.



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