Get Acquainted With Athermal AWG DWDM Module & its Astounding Applications

The element of a succession of high performance products that are based on the technology called silica-on-silicon planar and an exclusive athermal packaging design demanding zero software, electrical power, or temperature control for an entirely passive DWDM solution are referred to as Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating Dense Wavelength Division Mux/Demultiplexer which is also known as Athermal AWG DWDM Modules.

Athermal AWG DWDM Module

This range of modular products delivers an amalgamation of high channel isolation and very low loss along with longevity as well as reliability. Each module in the range is capable of performing Mux and Demux functions. With Flat top spectral response, both band devices are easily available (including L- and C- band). Apart from this, the custom frequency grids, connectorisation options and fiber type solution are also available. These functions make the modules ideal for several applications; some of them are discussed below:

Astounding Applications of an Athermal AWG DWDM Module:

  • WDM transmission: The WDM transmission is the process of transferring WDM, (the acronym for Wavelength Division Multiplexing) which is a method of combining multiple signals onlaser beams at different IRs (infrared wavelengths) –along the fiber optic media. With 100GHz Athermal AWG DWDM Module, the WDM transmission process becomes easy and effectual.
  • WDM based ADM: As Add / Drop Multiplexing is a multiplexing function that is employed in optical technology but can also be used in electric signal transmissions by using the principle of WDM transmission.
  • Metro and long haul networks: Metro networks and also long haul networks need to use Athermal AWG DWDM Module on wide basis. These modules offer the long haul networks with the ability to mail information, post news on bulletin boards, and logon at a remote site etc.
  • Optical Signal Processing: An Optical Signal Processing, shortened to OSP is the technology (process) that enables the processing of ocular signals in a way that the data content of such signals may be modified without converting the signals into the electrical domain. This whole process too requires 100GHz Athermal AWG DWDM Module for its efficient yet effective working.

Beyond all the listed applications of Athermal AWG DWDM, there are some more, one of which is ‘Wavelength selective routing’. The AWG DWDM is an ideal choice for all the mentioned applications because of its fetching features which encompass 100GHz ITU channel spacing, Low insertion loss, high stability and reliability etc. These features make the modules effective, durable and long term reliable.

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