FTTx: fiber to the home/Premises/Curb

CATV companies are considering fiber to replace coax, since the cost is reasonable and performance unlimited. Municipalities or private individuals are looking at installing their own FTTH systems when phone or CATV companies won’t do it soon enough. Housing developers are learning about FTTH because their customers are demanding the highest bandwidth broadband connections.

All these plans depend on finding or training adequate numbers of technicians. The FOA, working with operating companies, municipalities, installers and our approved schools has developed requirements for FTTx training and certification, with the goal of providing enough qualified FTTx installation technicians to make these plans possible.

FOA CFOS/H Certified FTTH Technician certification programs are now being introduced in many FOA-approved schools. Students seeking certification must complete the FOA CFOT program first to obtain their first level certification, then attend a short course on FTTx that will prepare them for the CFOS/H exam. Those interested in learning about FTTx but are not seeking certification will find the courses good information on the current technology.

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