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Profitability of the Optical Component Business Improved Last Year and It May Set a New Record in 2016

The average profitability of optical passive component and module suppliers was very close to zero over the last 5 years, despite strong demand for optics. Compared to every other level of the industry supply chain, profitability of the optical component manufacturers … Continue reading

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Field-Terminated Fusion Splice-On Connector-North American Market Forecast

According to ElectroniCast, the quantity of field-terminated fiber optic splice-on connectors in North America will increase at an explosive annual rate of 41.9% … ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research & technology forecast consultancy addressing the fiber optics communications industry, … Continue reading

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The Modern Data Center – Modular Data Center

The modern data center is a complex place. The proliferation of mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, place an ever-increasing pressure on the IT departments and data centers. End-user and customers’ expectation levels have never been higher and the demand … Continue reading

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Testing Fiber Optic Splitters Or Other Passive Devices

A fiber optic splitter is a device that splits the fiber optic light into several parts by a certain ratio. For example, when a beam of fiber optic light transmitted from a 1X4 equal ratio splitter, it will be divided … Continue reading

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Optical Filters: Filter stacks transmit wide-angle incident light without shifting wavelength(1)

To avoid the problem of color change versus incidence angle in an optical system, thin-film-coated filter elements can be replaced by a filter consisting of a stack of different filter glasses. JASON KECK Wide-angle imaging systems have to overcome numerous … Continue reading

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Differences Between FBT Coupler and PLC splitters

Optical networks require signal being splitted somewhere in design to serve for multiple customers. Splitter technology has made a huge step forward in the past few years by introducing PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitter. It has proven itself as a … Continue reading

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Ovum: Optical components market to grow 8% in 2014 from $6.8 bn in 2013

The global optical components (OC) market is expected to grow 8 percent in 2014 from $6.8 billion in 2013, said Ovum. In 2013, the OC market increased 3 percent from 2012. Ovum said main growth drivers in 2013 were data … Continue reading

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Huawei, Rostelecom collaborate on FTTH distribution boxes—DK Photonics

Huawei says it has collaborated with Russian service provider Rostelecom to develop floor distribution boxes (FDBs) for use in Rostelecom’s flexible fiber to the home (FTTH) deployments. The FDBs will help improve the efficiency of the operator’s FTTH deployments, particularly … Continue reading

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Where can WDM-PON go next? — DK Photonics

Where can WDM-PON go next? The current generation of commercial WDM-PON/ 100GHz DWDM systems based on reflective ONU technology is optimized for applications up to 20 km, 40 channels, and 1 Gbps per customer. Current research focuses on how to scale WDM-PON toward higher bit rates and longer reach. Forward error correction is a key technology for scaling the current generation of WDM-PON technology to higher bit rates, longer reach, tighter channel spacing, or a combination thereof. An important challenge is to package the technology in an MSA form-factor pluggable module to maintain its benefits in cost and compatibility with third-party equipment. A typical requirement for next generation metro/access systems is to enable node consolidation. That means operators can reduce opex by closing down portions of their central offices; at the same time, this goal requires the optical signals to bridge longer distances than what is typical of the access networks of today. Thus, when routing WDM-PON / 1064nm high power isolator signals through the metro part of the network, it becomes necessary to support ring architectures as an alternative to the basic tree structure. In a ring structure, cascaded filters may decrease the effective channel passband. Since the spectral width of the WDM-PON signal is wider than the signals from a normal DFB source, such filtering effects may affect transmission. In a recent evaluation project, a partnership between Transmode and Deutsche Telekom Hochschule für Telekommunikation of Leipzig, Germany, achieved 140-km long reach WDM-PON transmission over a ring-based access-network architecture. The partnership investigated the effects of using WDM-PON based on ASE-seeded wavelength-locked transmitters in a ring-based network architecture with cascaded CWDM OADM nodes. Transmission at 1.25 Gbps over 140-km singlemode fiber was demonstrated using an EDFA and dispersion compensation. The results were first published at ECOC 2013 (In de Betou, Bunge, Åhlfeldt, and Olson, “140km Long-reach WDM-PON Test for Ring-based Access Network Architecture”). This partnership has investigated what opportunities could be provided by WDM-PON technology in such network topologies by studying experimentally the influence of narrow filtering and maximum reach. The experimental testbed (in Leipzig) was built around Transmode’s TM-Series iWDM-PON system to create an optical line terminal (OLT) (see Figure 2). The OLT has a transponder line card that hosts pluggable wavelength-locked Fabry-Perot transceivers, ASE seed light sources, dual circulators for up- and downstream, and a 40-channel multiplexer based on an AWG. To reach distances beyond 100 km, amplifiers dispersion compensation, and remote ASE seed sources were used. While an experimental field trial today, it shows that WDM-PON may well continue to evolve to support longer reach and more sophisticated network architectures in the future supporting a broader range of deployment scenarios. DK Photonics – specializes in designing and manufacturing of high quality optical passive components mainly for telecommunication, fiber sensor and fiber laser applications,such as High Power Isolator,1064nm Components,PM Components,Pump Combiner,Pump Laser Protector,which using for fiber laser applications.Also have Mini-size CWDM, Optical Circulator, PM Circulator,PM Isolator, Fused Coupler,Mini Size Fused WDM.More information,please contact us.

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