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Learning the Different Coating Stripping Methods

The cladding power stripper also referred to as the multimode optical power stripper is designed for amplifier applications and high power fiber laser. It is an ideal device  for ASE, residual pump power stripping, core modes that have escaped from … Continue reading

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Know the Difference between CWDM and DWDM

A WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a system that uses a multiplexing (at the transmitter) and a demultiplexer (at the receiver) for the completion of the process and transmission of the signals. The WDM is divided into three types (WDM, … Continue reading

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Know Wave Division Multiplexing & its Working

The world knows that the physical fiber optic cabling can be a lot expensive when it comes implementing for every service separately; but this expense can be made worthy by capacity expansion using a Wave Division Multiplexing also known as … Continue reading

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Get Acquainted With Athermal AWG DWDM Module & its Astounding Applications

The element of a succession of high performance products that are based on the technology called silica-on-silicon planar and an exclusive athermal packaging design demanding zero software, electrical power, or temperature control for an entirely passive DWDM solution are referred … Continue reading

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Introduction of Fiber Optic Coupler with its Benefits & Classification

A fiber optic coupler is an indispensable part of the world of electrical devices. Without these no signals would be transmitted or converted from inputs to outputs. This is the reason these are so important thereby this article discussed about … Continue reading

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Optical Fiber In-line Polarizer & its Fine Features

The significance and value of Optical fibers don’t need any explanations or specifications in the world of electronics and technology. These devices are no doubt the tiny part but are equally important as well as requisite for the effective / … Continue reading

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Profitability of the Optical Component Business Improved Last Year and It May Set a New Record in 2016

The average profitability of optical passive component and module suppliers was very close to zero over the last 5 years, despite strong demand for optics. Compared to every other level of the industry supply chain, profitability of the optical component manufacturers … Continue reading

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DK Photonics now can write Fiber Bragg Gratings for fiber lasers on demand

China, 21th July, 2016: Optical passive components available at DK Photonics are significant in a number of industries such as telecommunication applications, fiber laser, etc. In order to better give our fiber laser customers to do matching service, DK Photonics … Continue reading

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Pump and signal combiner for bi-directional pumping of all-fiber lasers and amplifiers(10)

7. Signal feedthrough of the fiber combiner Besides the pump power handling and the pump coupling efficiency of a fiber combiner, it is important for fiber laser and amplifier applications to maintain the optical properties of the signal light propagating … Continue reading

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Work Theory of the Laser Cutting Machine(2)

Cutting methods of laser cutting machine Vaporization cutting It means that vaporization is the main way to remove the processed material. In the process of vaporization cutting, workpiece surface is heated to vaporization temperature quickly by focused laser beams, forming … Continue reading

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