2018 global optical networking market will reach $ 17.5 billion

Market research firm Ovum, said a new optical network investment cycle is happening in addition to EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) outside of all regions. Currently still dominate the market growth in North America, and the Asia-Pacific regions are also increasing investment spending, South and Central America is also true, but in 2013 the EMEA region again declined.

Ovum predicts that by 2018 the global optical networking market will reach $ 17.5 billion, the forecast period CAGR of 3.1%.

Unchanged after two consecutive years, 2013 North American optical networking market spending will grow 9.1%. Currently, in North America a service providers and cable operators are investing in the core network to the network can meet the needs of all types of traffic, in this area is also being deployed 100G.

In contrast, in the EMEA region, 2013 year optical network market shrank by nearly 10%. As in Europe, there is no corresponding expenses incurred in the EMEA region is leading the market decline.

optical network market

optical network market

100G become major trends:

Ovum said that in the EMEA region, the optical networking market in the past five years, spending four years in a decline in its lack of investment and the current phenomenon of more and more serious. However, service providers are expanding their networks, and a chronic lack of investment spending in the region will eventually happen.

2013, we have seen large-scale WDM systems selected 100G. And 100G sales are increasing; currently 100G spending has more than 40G.

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